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HiBeam Load Display

HiBeam Load Display


The HiBeam load display is a compact, very bright and easy to install after market display for visually indicating the load on a crane hoist.

It can accept all types of load signals and connects wirelessly with Whiting Passport data loggers or load limiting systems, eliminating the need for additional cabling.

Why do you need one?

Knowing how much you are actually lifting is fundamental to safe crane operation. However, too often cranes are not supplied with external load displays and therefore aftermarket versions like HiBeam are required.



  • 100mm digits are easily visible in brightly lit sheds and outdoors.
  • Super lightweight (1kg) and small form factor so easy to mount.
  • Wireless connection to Liftlog™, Liftlog™XL and TrafficLite (just needs power).
  • 2 fault outputs.
  • Universal voltage range.
  • Wireless configuration.

Part number: HBD100


 No mounting bracketWith mounting bracket
Original length (mm) 310 330
Overall width (mm) 66 100
Overall height (mm) 137 137
Weight (kg) 0.8 1
Mounting - Screw into bracket as required.


Parameter DescriptionMinTypMaxUnits
V(in) Supply Voltage 24   110 VAC
I(in) Supply Current   100 500 mA
V(limit) Overload relay voltage     240 VAC
I(limit) Overload relay current     4 A
L(sense) mV load sensor sensitivity 0.5   10 mV/V
R(in) Input impedance of 0-10V input   1500   Ohms
I(24) 24V Output Current   °C 100 mA
  Operating Temperature -40 °C 65# °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.

Power supply –ve and GND pins are at chassis GND (0V) potential


Technical Documents


Calibrating the display

Wireless connection behavior

Traffic Light option

Upgrading Firmware

How do I configure a HiBeam?

HiBeam is designed to be configured wirelessly using a laptop computer. You will need a Passport LINK-2 Bluetooth Modem and the Field Service Utility (FSU) software application loaded on a laptop.

Do I need a data logger in order to use the HiBeam display?

HiBeam load displays can either be used in one of two modes.

In ‘Stand-alone mode’ the load signal is connected directly to the display, this may require the unit to be loaded calibrated prior to usage.

In ‘Bound to a logger mode’ the load signal is connected to the Liftlog™ or LiftlogXL data logger or a TrafficLite set point load limiter and the HiBeam unit displays the load value from this logger.

When do I need to calibrate the HiBeam Display?

Only if the display is NOT being connected to a calibrated Liftlog™, Liftlog™XL, or TrafficLite

Can I also use the display for load limiting?

Yes. Using the FSU software, you can set the loads at which one or two load limit outputs will be triggered.